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One of the exciting aspects of
fishing is the expectation of catching something different to the norm.
On this page you will find a few shots of fish that aren't common to these waters of are very rarely caught on line, either way the look on everyone's face as they reach the side of the boat is priceless.


You never know what you might catch, the most unusual thing caught was a "mouse" in 120 ft of water while fishing for flathead.
The fresh mouse was spat out after a large flathead was boated, much to the amazement of everyone there.
Explanation?, lot's a theories,
nothing certain,

Right. are a few shots of other fish not usually caught in these waters.

Right. is an Almaco Jack. Caught on the troll, this is the furthest south this fish has ever been recorded.
Sent to the Sydney museum.
The last recorded catch was 22 years ago.